What Exactly Is Plant-Based Nutrition?




This is a question I get from many people. “What the heck is plant-based nutrition?!” There’s a simple answer. Plant-Based Nutrition is the absolute healthiest diet that exists! It involves eating lots of vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes. It is a food plan that eliminates meat, as well as all animal products. Yes, that’s right – no cheese, milk, eggs, yogurt, and ice cream. So, in all regards, it is a VEGAN diet.

This food plan truly delivers everything that you would want from food – delicious taste, loads of nutrients to fuel the body’s demands, and excellent energy stores. It also does NOT have the things in food that so many people want to avoid – the high calorie composition leading to weight gain, the sluggish feeling associated with a high fat meal, that greasy sensation you get on your fingers and mouth after eating fried chicken, and so much more. Rather, a plant-based diet delivers exactly what is needed in the body … and nothing more.

Aside from these distinctions, there are very significant health benefits with eating a plant-based diet.  I can provide you a lot more detail in upcoming blog posts – but, suffice it say that there is significant evidence that a vegan diet can lead to permanent weight loss, cancer prevention,  and heart disease prevention.  Vegan diets have also been proven to even REVERSE heart disease!  Yes, it is true.  There are a score of other health conditions that are positively affected by a vegan diet, but these are the top three.

I’ll provide more info on these later.  But I just wanted you to understand the important phrase “Plant Based Nutrition”.  Be glad that you know this phrase.  You’ll be seeing it a lot in the near future in the media – guaranteed!  🙂

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