What Are The Solutions To Obesity?




Now that you understand how serious the disease of obesity is, let us discuss some of the obesity solutions.

There are basically two general pathways to solve obesity:  The medical solution and the surgical solution.  Let’s deal with the ‘Medical Solution’ today.

The Medical Solution Is The First Solution

You may not be familiar with the term ‘medical solution.’  Basically this includes dieting, behavioral changes and exercise.  Medication may also be used.  This is the common pathway most take in their weight loss efforts.  I believe that for the mildly obese, this can definitely be an avenue to success.  It can be a challenging road, but I do believe success is within reach for those with mild-to-moderate obesity.

Diet and Nutrition

This is an area of focus which is so very critical.  In fact, I cannot emphasize how important this really is.  However, sadly, this essential factor has often become the victim of so much misinformation.  You, as someone desiring to lose your weight, cannot possibly know which of the available information is good and which is purely nonsense.

This is, again, one of the reasons why I felt compelled to write this.  You deserve to understand the proper perspective, so that you can place your efforts in the right direction.

Frankly, I cringe when I hear of people going on crash diets.  The body cannot tolerate that for long, so it is inevitable that the body will want to return back to a more substantive course.  Often, the mind is not altered enough, the cravings then overtake the process, and a “Yo-Yo” begins to happen. The Yo-Yo phenomenon is essentially when you follow some strict diet, lose some weight, then you go back to your previous way – or worse due to the deprivation – and your weight goes back up again).  The “Yo-Yo” can be very hard on your body, particularly if the weight fluctuations are significant.  (If you’d like to read an article specifically on the “Yo-Yo” phenomenon, click here http://janetbrunomd.com/vegan-nutrition-the-ultimate-weight-loss-tool-part-2)

Now, I want to admit, that there is a VERY high likelihood that just about everyone reading this has experienced one of these phenomenon.  Don’t take offense.  I say this confidently because I know the statistics.  So, please, let me say that you are NOT weak, and you are NOT a failure if you have not found success. A faulty method cannot create success.  No one can achieve lasting success with this often-touted method.  (I use the singular ‘method’ although there are many trendy diets which fall into this faulty mechanism category).  You are simply just like everybody else.  If you place your body in a ‘sacrificial lamb’ scenario, your body will win over your intentions every single time.  You simply cannot succeed when the system itself is faulty.

You see, going on some sort of ultra-strict diet is setting yourself up for failure.  Your body is very wise and resilient.  Your body can handle this crash diet for a bit of time (hence you do lose some weight — even a lot), but your body will eventually say ‘Enough is Enough!’  The body is indeed wise, and when able, will always look out for it’s best interest.

Simply stated, I see the word ‘diet’ as a ‘four-letter word’. I believe you understand what I am saying.  It is a B-A-D word … one that everyone hates to hear.  Why, let’s just think about this for a moment — a diet is ‘something that you go on’ …. which, by very definition, you are setting yourself up ‘to go off’ this diet too.  (how can you go on something, without one day coming off?)

Rather than attempting the latest fad diet, reorganizing your entire mindset towards food is the avenue that can lead you towards lasting success.  In fact, this is the most common characteristic of those who have overcome obesity forever.


Just like proper nutrition, a well-constructed exercise regimen incorporated into your daily life is essential.  However, just like the ‘diet dilemma’ I just presented, there is nearly as much confusion surrounding exercise.  Believe me, I have heard so many stories from my patients regarding their botched attempts to follow an incredibly ambitious exercise program which was recommended by (hopefully a well meaning) fitness instructor.  Please, I beg of you to take some time to understand how obesity affects you, and how important it is for you to proceed slowly towards acquiring a proper exercise regimen that is right for you.

Exercise is a wonderful thing.  Although you may not inherently enjoy it now, I do believe you will come to the point of loving exercise.  (Yes, it can happen!  I have seen this metamorphosis occur many times in patients of mine…)

Behavioral Changes

This category often incorporates the nutrition, the exercise, as well as all of your daily habits. Much of the behavioral changes take time and repeated effort to change.

I admit this can be a tough one for many.  However, with continued effort, particularly with some guidance and support, slow behavioral changes can have a profound effect.  Just think of a mammoth glacier in Alaska.


It melts and recedes perhaps a fraction of an inch every day.  Yet, over a year’s time, it has noticeably decreased in size.  You, too, can be that glacier!  (Maybe that is a corny analogy, but the pictorial image truly has helped others…)

As you know, I am a firm believer that optimal nutrition can be a key determinant of permanent weight loss.  Please explore my site for many more articles on this powerful topic.

I hope you have enjoyed this Obesity Series!  Let me know your thoughts and questions ….

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