Vegan Nutrition: The Ultimate Weight Loss Tool – Part 2




OK, let’s get back to this all-important topic.  If you missed yesterday’s blog post where I introduced the concept of weight loss and outlined the control you really do have over this process, please click here.

Today, I would like to explore the Yo-Yo Phenomenon.   What exactly is the Yo-Yo Phenomenon?  Well, you may not recognize the name, but I can guarantee that if you are overweight, you know exactly what this is.

The Yo-Yo

Have you ever gone on a diet, lost some weight, only to quit the diet … and later realize that you have gained even more weight?  Many people have repeated this process over and over and over again in their life.  In fact, one rather astute person whom I know actually documented all the pounds lost over a period of time.  He told me that he had actually lost 1,000 pounds!  Well, while that may sound impressive to some, it get put into perspective when he also said that during this same time period he gained 1,210 pounds!  Perspective is everything!

While you may not be as radical (or as compulsively analytical) as my friend, you likely can fully understand his frustration.  You feel out of control.  You feel like a total failure.  While you may be quite successful in other areas of your life, this one aspect of your life is really affecting your self esteem.

There IS A Reason Why Each One Of Your Diet Attempts Failed

Yes, that is correct.  No matter which diet you attempted, and no matter how much will power you have, you absolutely are destined to fail.  Now, that may seem harsh, but that is not the case.  Not at all!  Actually, the reason why you — and every other person who begins one of these fad diets — will absolutely fail, is because they are DESIGNED FOR FAILURE.  Yes.  Of course, they will never tell you that.  Not in a million years.  But, if you take apart the diet plan they recommend, you will quickly see that it is an artificial way to give the body what it wants.  By counting calories meticulously, the body can never, ever, be satisfied.  By eating large quantities of protein and fat, under the guise that it will be healthy, the body will never, ever be satisfied.  Anytime the body is placed in such an artificial balance, the body will ultimately resist.

The resistance by the body can come in many forms.  The easiest way is for the mental rejection to kick in – which translates to the creation of really strong cravings for things that are not part of the diet.  Many times the craving can be for something like an apple or banana, which is forbidden in many of the popular fad diets.

A more serious way the body resistance can appear is by development of symptoms and ultimately disease processes.  Gall stones commonly develop in women who follow high-fat diets, for example.  Kidney stones develop in men and women who follow high-protein diets.  Rapid acceleration of heart disease devleops in people who follow diets recommending high intake of meat.   Each one of these outcomes causes stress on the body.  These ‘diet solutions’ will never, ever get you to your goal.

So, if these diets are ‘destined to fail’, what is the solution?

You can likely guess which nutritional plan I am going to recommend …. Let’s jump into that tomorrow.  See you then!  🙂

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