Vegan Nutrition: The Ultimate Weight Loss Tool – Part 1




Certainly, one of the biggest health challenges of America today is the ever-growing problem of obesity.   I’m sure you know what I am talking about.  If you take a stroll through any mall in America, you cannot help but notice that more than half of all people are overweight, and a good 1/3 of the people are obese.  In fact, that simple observation lines up pretty accurately with the national standards.

This high rate of obesity significantly increases the chance of developing other health conditions.   When compared to people who are normal weight, obese people have more heart attacks, more cancer, more diabetes, more fatigue, more depression and an overall poorer self esteem.  Wow!  Maybe you never thought of it that way, but obesity truly is not only a tremendous health risk, but also a very real negative impact on an individual’s ability to enjoy life.

If you, or a loved one, has ever struggled with your weight, you know exactly what I am talking about.  Every single member of my family, with me excluded, has had a life-long struggle with weight.  If genetics ruled everything, I would be obese too!  But, we know that genetics does NOT rule everything.

It Is NOT Just About Genetics

Modern research has demonstrated that genetics controls only about 50% of your likelihood to become fat.  That’s right, only 50%!  So, that means that the other 50% is fully in your control.  Here are some factors that you do control:

  • How you choose to live
  • What foods you choose to consume
  • What level of activity and exercise you choose to participate in
  • How you choose to deal with the natural stresses of life

These factors all combine to create a powerful force to determine your health.  If you can truly embrace the reality of this, you will be much closer to achieving your weight loss goals.  Excuses such as ‘Everyone in my family is fat’ or ‘I am simply destined to be fat’ quickly lose their power when faced with this reality.

So, What Is The Best Method To Lose Weight?

Most people would answer this question with an emphatic – “A diet that works!’.  Well … I can only agree with that answer partially.  You see, there are many, many fad diets available today.  Many of them will ‘work’ (ie. you lose pounds quickly) — but, they will not continue to work in the long run.  Even more importantly, they are not healthy for you.

This is a VERY big distinction.  As I have often been quoted saying, “It is not just about the weight loss!”  You see, too many popular diets go to great lengths to demonstrate that you can still eat many of your favorite foods and yet you will still lose weight.  Many times the initial weight loss is purely water weight.  Then, as the diet continues, your body begins to get stressed.  The kidneys are often hit the hardest, particularly with the high protein diets that are so popular.  The body cannot sustain the unhealthy routine.  Eventually, the body resists.  That is when the mind kicks in and combats every single fiber of will power that you may create.

You see, our bodies were designed to work in harmony.  Any time we do something to our body which is not in it’s best interest, a state of stress is created.  Our body wants things to go easily and smoothly.   Have you ever looked closely at the word “Dis-ease”?   Ha!  I am sure you understand my point.  “Dis” means not, so whenever our body is ‘not in ease’, then a disease condition develops.

What is the best ‘diet’ for you to permanently lose weight?  Check in to my blog tomorrow for a continuation of this topic.

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