The REAL Scoop About Red Meat And Colon Cancer




There’s a lot of confusing information out there on this subject.  I’d like to ‘clear the air’ and present to you the real facts on this important subject.

First off, it has long been known that a diet high in saturated fat and refined sugar can increase the chances of betting colon cancer.  And, just like I mentioned in a previous post, a diet low in fiber can also increase the chance of getting colon cancer.

So, what about specifically eating red meat?  There’s a study conducted at Harvard that I’d like to discuss here which will directly answer this question.  This study was very well conducted, with case controls as well as ‘cohort studies’ (this is just a technical term to ensure that the individuals unique difference which could affect the results were all balanced out – ie. everyone in the study were all similar age, similar health, similar lifestyle, etc).  In a nutshell, here are the findings that Harvard discovered:

  • Those who ate daily servings of pork, lamb, or beef had THREE times the increased risk of colon cancer than those who did not eat daily red meat
  • Those who ate the biggest portions of red meat on a daily basis had a proportionately higher increased risk of getting colon cancer.

Another similar study demonstrated that for those who eat primarily highly processed meat, the increased risk for colon cancer was as high as 50%.  For this study, ‘processed meat’ was defined as:  sausages, ham, hot dogs, bacon and cold cuts.   This is a tremendous finding — for a 50% in cancer risk is something to grab your attention!

A separate study, conducted years ago, demonstrated that even ‘white meat’, such as that from the chicken, is not really much different.  This study showed that those who regularly ate chicken had THREE times the risk of colon cancer when compared to vegetarians.

So, as you can see, there are common results that consistently appear with different studies, conducted all around the world.  The findings to do specifically prove exactly what in the red meat may cause the cancer – or what exactly in the white meat may cause the cancer.  Or, it could be that the consumption of foods takes the place of eating foods that have loads of fiber, such as the fiber-rich foods commonly found in a plant-based diet.

In any case, it is clear that eating meat can – and will – increase your risk of colon cancer.  You may not realize that colon cancer is a very real killer today.  It is one of most common cancers you can get.  And, contrary to breast cancer, which often can get treated successfully with surgery and possibly chemo and radiation, more people who get diagnosed with colon cancer ultimately die from the cancer.  So, this is a cancer you really want to do all you can to avoid.

I encourage you, and all of your loved ones, to consider the subject of this blog post.  I welcome you to share this via Twitter or Facebook if you think someone would also benefit.   Preventing cancer is one of the wonderful things you can do with a healthy diet.  Here’s to your improving health!

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