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As some of you may have heard, Bill Clinton is losing weight.  Certainly you must’ve caught some of the huge media attention that surrounded his daughter Chelsea’s wedding?  As was reported, Chelsea wanted her dad to slim down a little for her wedding.  Being the proud dad, he complied to his daughter’s request.  And, it looks like he has continued excellent momentum.

So, why am I writing about Bill Clinton in my blog?  Well, actually, I truly want to commend Bill for what he is doing.  Not only is he losing weight – which is a commendable act under any circumstances – but he is doing it in a very SMART way.

Bill Clinton is going vegan

Actually, there’s been several interviews recently, notably by CNN and Huffington Post, which have been exploring this issue.  Certainly, when a past president starts to lose weight, people take notice.  But, it is far more significant than just mere interest.

Remember all the old jokes about Bill eating at McDonalds and even stopping his limosine to pick-up a pizza delivery?  The ‘old Bill’ was someone who epitomized the American diet.  Yet, the ‘new Bill’ is truly a welcome image to all of us proponents of optimal nutrition.

You see, Bill has been a tremendous proponent in the fight against childhood obesity.  He has been instrumental in getting the childhood obesity on several new platforms.  His tremendous power and lobbying capability is impressive by any standards.

Just imagine What would happen if Bill Clinton REVERSES his heart disease?

Yes, it is entirely possible.  By eating a cholesterol-free diet, which is a plant-based diet free from any animal products, it has been proven by several rigorous scientific studies that heart disease can indeed be reversed.  Not just prevented — but REVERSED.

Yes, I know this is a radical idea.  But, it is also a radical discovery.  When electricity was discovered, no one could believe it.  But it was true.  I honestly believe the discovery of the ability to reverse heart disease, through the ‘power’ of optimal nutrition, is equally as monumental.

The two pioneers in the scientific realm are Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn  and Dr. Dean Ornish.  Both of these physicians have conducted independent, rigorous studies on the effect of a plant-based diet on heart disease.  Both of their research is extremely compelling.

Dr. Esselstyn and The Cleveland Clinic


Dr. Esselstyn conducted research at Cleveland Clinic which leaves no doubt whatsoever to the benefit.  His work involved patients who had advanced heart disease and he followed them for many years. His pioneering work is well documented in his book appropriately entitled Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  The subtitle of the book sums it up”  “The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure”.

I’ve spoken with Dr. Esselstyn about his research, his program, and his successes.  Now, I’ve been working in the world of Behavior Change for many years, so I know how significant the challenges can be.  Yet, his approach consistently gets results over and over again.  It is remarkable.

Dr. Dean Ornish and the Preventive Medicine Research Institute


Dr. Dean Ornish conducted an entirely different research project, yet the heart disease reversal results were equally impresive.  Dr. Ornish promoted a slightly more moderate diet (allowing skim milk, for example).  He also incorporated exercise and meditation into the program.  This contrasted with Dr. Esselstyn’s study, since Dr. Esselstyn’s intent was to isolate the effect of the diet.

Dr. Ornish’s results are explained in his book entitled, Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program For Reversing Heart Disease.  Again, the subtitle is telling:  “The Only System Scientifically Proven to Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery”.  (It is important to note that  Dr. Ornish’s book was published before Dr. Esselstyn’s – since Dr. Esselystn’s program also scientifically proves heart disease can be reversed without drugs or surgery).   His book goes into detail about how the program has worked to revolutionize the lives of so many people.

I recently spoke with Dr. Ornish at an event we both attended, and he shared the good news that Medicare has now approved his program.  This is HUGE news!  What a wonderful open door, for many people to now receive the true benefits of healthy living.

I love his quote:

“I don’t understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open.”

Dr. Dean Ornish

I could not agree more fully!

Best Wishes To Bill Clinton

I heartily wish the best to Bill Clinton, and to Hillary.  Reportedly, they are both following a nearly-vegan diet and are getting great results.  Sticking around for grandchildren is a wonderful motivation!

May this serve as an inspiration to others as well.  I would love to see a healthy vegan movement begin in our country.  In our time of health care reform, it could be ‘just what the doctor ordered!’  🙂

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