Is Dairy Consumption Related To Prostate Cancer?



prostate cancer

This is a great follow-up question to my recent post on the relationship between meat and prostate cancer. While meat has been proven to increase the risk of prostate cancer without any doubt, many people are not so sure about the connection with dairy consumption.

Let me share with you that there is very strong evidence that dairy DOES play a role in increasing prostate cancer risk. Let’s begin with going to the great research center of Harvard. Remember the “Health Professionals Follow-up” study that I mentioned previously? (If you missed that post on prostate cancer, you can find it here ). Well, going back to that same study reveals some interesting information about the role of dairy products. Here are some of the key findings:

• When men consume more than two servings of cow’s milk daily, their risk of prostate cancer actually increased by 60%!
• It is also important to note that 80% of the milk consumed was either low-fat or skim milk, so the finding is far more related to dairy protein than being related to fat content.
• Overall findings: when comparing men who consume 2.5 servings of cow’s milk daily to men who had only 0.5 servings daily, the heavy milk drinkers had twice the risk of developing a fatal cancer.
Surely, these findings from Harvard can grab your attention. Others have conducted similar studies, with the intent to determine if a dairy-free and meat-free diet (ie. a plant based vegan diet) could actually help someone even if they already have prostate cancer. While this concept is still underway, there are many preliminary studies which are quite encouraging.

One study revealed that men with advanced prostate cancer demonstrated increased survivability when they were placed on a low fat vegan diet. The change of survivability was not small either – to the tune of 200 to 1! Like I said, there needs to be more research conducted in this area, but the preliminary results are quite encouraging indeed.

So, bottom line, what you eat truly can impact your chances of getting cancer. In the case of prostate cancer, avoiding meat, avoiding dairy, and eating a plant-based vegan diet is strongly demonstrated to produce good results. As the results unfold further, transitioning to a plant-based diet may even become part of the ‘treatment plan’! I know we have a long way to go before mainstream medicine can accept such a position, but with the continuing research unfolding, it will be difficult for mainstream medicine to close their eyes to these powerful nutritional lessons.
As always, if you found this blog post useful, please feel free to share this with those you care about. Here’s to your improving health!

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