How To Use Nutrition To Combat Obesity



Here is a video I created just for you to understand the link between Obesity and Nutrition. Enjoy the video — and let me know what you think!

If you’d prefer to read about the contents of the video, the following article covers the same material as the video.

In this day of ever-increasing obesity, the world is desperate for solutions. Fad diets abound, but will they ever give you the relief you seek? A big resounding, NO! I have mentioned in a previous post about the dangers of a Yo-Yo diet. (If you missed that, click here .

You see, so much of the food eaten today is calorie-dense and high in fat and sugar. That combination will lead to overweight and obesity every single time. The solution lies in a sensible food program, based upon sound nutrition.

I’ve mentioned before the healthy preference for ‘big’ foods. ‘Big foods’ are simply foods that are often bulky, are high in fiber, high in nutrition, and very low in calories. Perfect example of ‘big’ foods are: carrots, cabbage, apples, cauliflower, zucchini … you get the idea. The vegetable family is a perfect example of healthy ‘big’ foods. Not only are you getting the healthy benefit of fiber (increased gut motility, leading to decreased risk of colon cancer), but you also feel fuller sooner …. and therefore eat less food overall.

Certainly, a moderate exercise program can also help reduce your weight. I am a huge fan of exercise for health purposes. However, for the purpose of today’s discussion, let’s stick with the benefits and strategies of nutrition.

Four Tips To Keep You Eating Healthfully

1. Eliminate or reduce dietary fat — this is a big one! The main sources of dietary fat are dairy, meat, and additional cooking oils. So, each of these should ideally be avoided.

2. Fiber and Complex Carbohydrates should be the biggest part of your diet — We have lots we can learn from other regions in the world on this issue. Africa and Asia consume diets high in fiber and complex carbs. As you know, they have very little obesity. We can learn from them on this issue …

3. Go Vegan or Vegetarian! — There is loads of research that proves that vegetarians live longer and suffer less from serious medical issues than do meat-eaters. Vegans who follow a low-fat diet have remarkably superior advantages in the realm of heart disease (much lower cholesterol, less heart attacks, lower blood pressure) and diabetes.

4. Reduce or eliminate refined sugar — This has been recently well advertised in the media. Sucrose and other sugars simply carry empty calories, with no nutritional value. Even worse, they dramatically alter your body’s processes dealing with hormones, metabolism, and disposition for the dreaded disease of diabetes. If you have a sweet tooth, there are healthier natural sweeteners you can eat instead. (If you’d like to learn more about these healthy sweeteners, I made a short video on this exact subject. Check it out here: Natural Sweeteners Video )

So, there you have it. Four tips that will guide you towards using the most powerful tool to combat your obesity — nutritious and delicious foods!

I hope you found these tips useful. Here’s to a healthier you!

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