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Stress management, or even Stress Reduction, is a topic that is very popular these days. And, rightfully so!  As you know from my previous teachings, I truly do feel that there is a “Triangle Of Health” — Optimal Nutrition as the base of the triangle, with one side as Exercise and Fitness, and the other side as Stress Reduction.  Yes, I do see Stress Reduction as one of the 3 pillars of Optimal Health.  Not enough people seem to give Stress it’s appropriate attention.

You see, from the hallways of hospitals to the depths of the research labs, it has been proven over and over again that STRESS is the cause of most major illnesses and diseases. If you’ve never heard this before — it is true!

In the world of medicine, ‘stress’ is given a bit of a different definition than is commonly used by the layperson.  For, in medicine, ‘stress’ is anything that strains, or puts undue force, on the body.  So, in this manner, surgery is a stress.  Illness is a stress.  Fever is a stress.  In each one of these instances, the body is ‘revved up’.  The body is calling for extra help–  by waking up the immune cells, by speeding up the heart to deliver more blood to the area of need, and an overall heightened awareness of the body is created.  In medical terms, this is how we describe ‘stress’.

Yet, it really is not that different from the type of ‘stress’ that is commonly referred to by the lay person.  For example, if you are very anxious about an upcoming work project, or a big exam, your body will be responding in the exact same manner that I mentioned above — a heightened awareness, the heart will be pumping faster, and indeed all of your cells will be alive and alert.

Also, if your stress is more of a chronic nature, the effect of the body is actually quite similar.  Rather than the sudden surge you may feel (like when you are walking on stage to give a big presentation), in a chronic scenario, you are actually at a heightened state much of the time. For example, if your job is very stressful, with frequent high demands on a short timeline, then the possibility is high that you (and your body) are experiencing a state of chronic stress.

So, If That Is What Stress Is — What Do You Do About It?

So, now that you understand how stress is perceived by the body, do you know what to do to minimize this effect?  Well, this is the million dollar question!  Honestly, if more people could even ask the question – “How Can I Reduce My Stress?” – Our world would be a healthier place, indeed!

Managing stress is something that you can indeed accomplish.  It is something that you can do in your own way.  Find out what works right for you.  The main goal is to find a way to take a ‘Time Out.‘  Remember when you were a child?  Or, perhaps as you are a parent now, you know the time-tested strategy of placing your child in a “Time Out” if he or she is misbehaving?  Well, taking a “Personal Time Out” is a similar process.

Take A Personal “Time Out”

By creating some time for yourself, each and every day, you are able to create a virtual ‘sanctuary’.  Truly.  This is something just for you.  You are honoring your self.  While it might feel a bit strange at first, or even selfish, just do it.  Make a commitment to yourself that each and every day you will carve out some time just for you. It may only be 3 minutes, or 10, or possible 45.  Whatever it is, make the commitment and do it.

What Do You DO In Your Time Out?

That’s entirely up to you!  If you enjoy peaceful walks outside, then go for it!  If you enjoy  a healthy morning stretching routine, then have at it!  If you enjoy shutting your eyes in your easy chair and listening to soft music, then definitely do this.  If you enjoy quiet meditation, however you choose to do it, then this is a wonderful undertaking.  The point is, there are as many different ways to relieve your stress as there are unique individuals on this planet earth.  Find out what works for you — and Just Do It!

There’s lots more I can share on this topic, for but now let’s just sit with the recognition that creating some ‘quiet’ time for you each and every day is a healthy habit that you want to adopt.

Here’s to your improving health!

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