Did Angelina Jolie Really Follow A Healthy Vegan Diet?



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While I am not one who follows every word of the celebrities, (far from it, actually!) a recent statement by Angelina Jolie caught my attention.  Certainly, everyone knows that she is quite thin, sometimes scarily so.  Reportedly, she has followed a vegan diet for years.  In several celebrity publications released this week, she claimed that she was ‘close to death’ and ‘severely fatigued and malnourished’ due to following her vegan diet.  Many of her friends were concerned she was anorexic.  She is now telling the world that she is returning to red meat and will therefore return to her previous good health.  She says she is leaving the vegan diet for good, for it wasn’t healthy for her at all.

While I am not particularly concerned about the particular diet Angelina chooses to follow or not — what is concerning is what the general public takes from this statement by this super-celeb whom so many people adore.  Certainly, we know that the media plays an incredibly powerful role on influential the mindset and thoughts of the general public. How terrible it would be if, upon hearing this statement by Jolie, people conclude that a vegan diet is not a good way to go!

I truly believe that there is a ‘good way’ to eat vegan and there are a lot of ‘not so good’ ways to eat vegan.  Simply cutting animal products out of a typical diet – which I suspect she may have done – is NOT a healthy thing to do. Far from it!  In order to eat healthy following vegan nutrition, it requires a true shift of thinking.  Rather than simply thinking ‘cutting out’, you really need to be thinking ‘transform’.

Perhaps the best model to explain the necessary transformation in one’s thinking is the New Four Food Groups.  Ever heard of that?  Well, back in 1991 the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine created a new version of the four food groups.  Before I explain that, as a quick refresher — do you remember the traditional four food groups that you likely learned about it school?

The OLD 4 Food Groups:

  • Grains
  • Dairy
  • Meat and Fish
  • Fruits and Vegetables

Now, the NEW 4 Food Groups:

  • Whole Grains
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes (beans, peas, lentils)

So, as you can see, this is a mindset shift! In order for a vegan to be truly healthy, he/she really needs to ensure there is daily consumption from each of the new four food groups. Not only that, there needs to be good variety within the groups. It isn’t really difficult at all. It just takes some knowledge and familiarity. There are loads of simple and easy recipes to make delicious and quick nutritious meals.

Again, simply ‘cutting out animal products’ will NOT get you to a healthy diet. Surely, if that is all you are doing, you will indeed become malnourished and fatigued. While I do not know what Angelina Jolie actually ate on a day to day basis, I can be quite certain that she was not following a varied and healthy vegan nutritional plan.

If the new 4 food groups are something you haven’t heard about before, I encourage you to explore this topic further. In fact, I created a video which describes more detail about the food groups, as well as the supreme importance of a balanced vegan diet. It includes a fun and simple analogy that is guaranteed to help you remember to eat a balanced and healthy vegan meal.

Check it out here:

Watch it — and please pass it along to others. We NEED the public to understand that vegan nutrition is indeed very healthy! Thanks, in advance, for spreading the word. 🙂

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