JanetBrunoMD.com is a blog (weblog) website aimed at those interested in Vegan Health, Plant-Based Nutrition, Permanent Weight Loss, Heart Disease Prevention, Cancer Prevention, Optimal Health, and Personal Development.

You will find:

  • A repository of useful articles for those seeking to understand vegan nutrition, optimize their health, lose weight permanently, prevent heart attacks, and prevent cancer.
  • Video recordings offering short tutorials on the most commonly requested topics addressing vegan nutrition and all the tremendous health benefits.
  • Fresh content is added regularly, in text, audio, and video formats, to address the ever-changing scientific information, health trends, and behavior modification strategies.
  • Occasional interviews with other experts, as well as success stories, will provide further information and inspiration.
  • A good dose of personal development is also added – for, to achieve optimal health, the mind connection to the body needs to also be healthy and strong.

Who is Dr. Janet Bruno MD?


Hi.  I’m Dr. Janet Bruno and I’m the writer of JanetBrunoMD.com.

I am a medical doctor, trained in Surgery and Family Medicine, and I am totally passionate about helping you achieve optimal health through nutrition. You see, I discovered that there is FAR more power to our food choices than most people know…

Initially, I was trained in the typical medical system here in the US.  You know, we learn how to cure and treat disease.  I became very skilled at intervening in the disease process – whether with a scalpel or a pill – but I felt something was lacking.  I entered the field of medicine to help people be healthy and embrace wellness.  I began to realize that without the ability to guide people to make lasting lifestyle and behavioral changes, anything I could offer would essentially be a ‘bandaid’.

So, I took the pathway of learning everything I could to master the field of healthy behavior change and wellness.  I studied the top experts in human psychology, persuasion, motivation, meditation, mind-body connection, nutrition, stress reduction, fitness, eastern health philosophies … and the list goes on.  Truly, I have spent many years, and at least as much money, on this endeavor as I did for my expensive medical school training!

I have synthesized all that I have learned into the essential ‘Triangle Of Health”.  The three components are:

  1. Optimal Nutrition
  2. Adequate Exercise
  3. Effective Stress Reduction


That’s it!  Truly, these three pillars are the foundation of health.  If you can master each one of these, I guarantee you will become a very healthy individual.

Upon further exploration, I realized the biggest need, and indeed the true foundation of all health, is the first and foremost concept of Optimal Nutrition.  I discovered people who mastered the other pillars, but still suffered heart attacks, cancer, and sub-optimal energy levels.  Without mastering the primary foundational element of Nutrition, the gains from the other two pillars will be limited.

You see, I have had a lifelong interest in nutrition.  I became a vegetarian in high school and consumed every book I could find on being a healthy vegetarian.  While I have always been athletic, it was some years later that I started to get serious about competing in triathlons.  It was then that I questioned whether my vegetarian diet was truly the best diet for optimal performance.  Even though I was a fully trained doctor at the time, I looked for resources to guide me.  (Most medical schools offer NO courses in nutrition, by the way!)  I became sold on the “Zone Diet” as a way to perform optimally.  I regretably began adding chicken and fish to my diet to get the high (30%) protein that was recommended.  Little did I really understand what I was really doing …

After quite some time,  I began to question this strategy.  I didn’t like the heavy feeling I would often get after eating a meaty meal.  Also, the 30% fat that was recommended in the Zone was something that never settled well with me.  To all other people, I was someone who ate ‘incredibly healthy’.  When I saw patient after patient suffer from health issues, even though they were quite active and ate a ‘healthy diet’, I began to realize that I wasn’t seeing the whole picture.  I began to peel back all of the assumptions that I had previously accepted without question.

So, upon extensive research, I discovered and began to unveil the incredible GOLD that lies in Vegan Nutrition.  I don’t know how I missed it in my earlier years.  (When the student is ready the teacher will arrive..?)  There are loads of very scientific studies – from all over the world – that prove without any doubt that a vegan diet delivers superior health.  Not only are there thousands of people who have increased their health and vitality, there are also thousands of others who have literally reversed their heart disease.  Thousands others will be living a cancer-free life, enjoying their optimal body weight, due to this diet.

So, my true passion is to share this with you.  My mission is to introduce, inspire, and guide at least 1,000,000 people to this incredibly healthy lifestyle.  If you will trust me to be your guide, I guarantee you will be in for a wonderful journey.  I realize that with the power of the internet, my teachings and inspiration, along with your participation and feedback, we can truly help fuel a movement world-wide.

Come, join the fun!


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