“Green” Is In — Why Not “Go Fully Green” and Go Vegan?




Surely a day doesn’t go by that we don’t hear something in the news or media about how popular the ‘Green Movement’ is these days.  Many years ago, only the ‘nature freaks’ or ‘radical environmentalists’ would be associated to the green movement.  My how times have changed!   It is now not only totally accepted, but practically expected, that each person do their part to minimize the impact on our planet.

The Carbon Footprint

It wasn’t all that long ago that this phrase meant nothing.  Now, it is hard to not run across this phrase … You can easily read about the celebrities supporting causes that ‘will reduce our carbon footprint’.  Lots of fanfare, and publicity follow.  The celebrities have realized that it is very cool to ‘Be Green’.  The major marketing companies have jumped aboard this bandwagon too.

While I am 100% supportive of minimizing our negative effects on our planet, I often wonder why all of this attention doesn’t continue into how our food habits can (and do!) create an incredible impact on our planet.  If you haven’t seen the movie Food Inc., I really recommend you checking it out.  It is on DVD and is readily available.  I got mine on Amazon.  This DVD goes into incredible detail about how our food choices – specifically our consumption of beef – radically impacts our nation’s forest supply.  If you still are a meat-eater, the detail that the documentary goes in to will truly challenge your resolve!

I’d love to see the celebrities embrace a ‘fully green’ approach.  While there are a few scattered cases of this, the benefits of a ‘green diet’ — ie.  Plant-Based Vegan Nutrition — are far from being common knowledge.  Actually, the Plant-Based Vegan Nutrition is almost like the Green Movement was decades ago.

The Challenge

The challenge is here.  Just like the concepts of recycling, conserving water, and not littering have been adopted in our nation, the time is approaching where we need widespread basic knowledge on the tremendous health benefits of a vegan diet.  Our nation’s health depends on it!

If you are in agreement with this, please do your part.  Share this post with as many people as you can.   Begin eating more vegetables and less processed food.  Cut out meat, if you haven’t already.  As we spread the word, wonderful things can happen!  I will soon be developing lots of educational and motivational videos to help in this effort, which you will find right here on this blog.

Here’s to a healthier you — and a healthier planet!  🙂

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